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Our team develops a personalized strategy for your case which protects your rights and saves you from unpaid debt.

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If your wages are being garnished, we fight for you to get your unpaid wages released and save your job.

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We help you negotiate and settle your debt repayments. And structure a plan which will be in your favor.

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Booking a free appointment is as easy as providing us with a few details (by phone or in person).

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You can rely on us to complete all the required documents and negotiate in court on your behalf.

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Who this is for...

Most of our cases are for residents of…

Los Angeles

San Diego

Orange County


Most bankruptcy cases fall under...

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Eliminates most debts, including medical bills, credit card debt, and personal loans.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Specially designed for businesses and high-net-worth individuals in which the company is reorganized.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Designed for those on a regular income but who have large amounts of debt, this is the wage earner’s plan.

The majority of debts can be discharged

They are…

IRS Debt

Credit Card Debt


Medical Bills

Subordinate Mortgage Loans

We are members trusted of

Filling out for bankruptcy case will save you from

Few are…


Utility Service Termination



Wage Garnishment

Driver’s License Suspension

Debt Collection

Passport Revoked

Your bankruptcy attorneys fight for you

Sanchez & Baltazar Attorneys P.C. is a firm built on the idea of teamwork, dedication, and discipline to our clients, who are the most important part of our business. Our offices are in San Diego, and we serve individuals from all over the San Diego area. We work hard to provide you with quality service at an affordable price while maintaining an atmosphere that is comfortable for everyone involved.
Lisbette J. Baltazar is a first-generation college graduate and law school graduate. Her parents immigrated from Mexico and raised her in North County, San Diego. Because of her background, she is fluent in Spanish and English.
Joanne P. Sanchez is a criminal defense attorney the law firm. Her legal career began as a senior paralegal in a mid-sized law firm in Los Angeles. She gained experience in Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases, the most complex type of bankruptcy.

We files for all types of bankrupcy cases including chap 7, 11 and 13.

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Frequently asked questions

When you are served with a summons and complaint, you have options. You can defend the lawsuit or try and settle the matter. Unfortunately defending the suit may cost more money than what you are willing to spend. Bankruptcy may be a viable option. If the underlying debt is dischargeable and the bankruptcy is successful, the debt will be eliminated.
No. There are several factors that should be considered, but married individuals can file on their own if the financial situation between the partners are clear from debts owed by the other. The bankruptcy filing of one will not be reported on the other’s credit report solely because they are married.
The timing of the bankruptcy process depends on the bankruptcy chapter you qualify for. In Chapter 7 you can usually be free of dischargeable debt within 3.5 months from the date the case is filed .
Unless you are a corporation, usually no. However, the consequences of not having an attorney Not having the knowledge of how the bankruptcy laws and procedure work can be devastating to your case, extremely stressful and cause unnecessary delays. Hiring a competent attorney who hears you and understands what you are going through will result in a more pleasant experience to your road to a fresh start.
Consulting with an attorney and feeling comfortable in talking to that attorney is crucial. You are trusting this attorney with your future financial fresh start.
It depends. Once you file the bankruptcy case, you are shielded from creditors via the “automatic stay”. It is a violation of this automatic stay order for any creditor to contact you directly, they will contact your attorney instead. However, here at S&B Law, we stop these creditors from continual collection calls as soon as we are hired.

It depends. Cases are rarely similar, and consulting with a competent attorney who asks you all the pertinent questions is ideal for a successful case.

If you own a home with equity or any other assets with equity you may still be able to get the fresh start you need with a bankruptcy filing. It is possible to retain the equity in your real and personal property after you file bankruptcy.

Timing may be vital in discharging debt. What debt and/or how much debt can be discharged is. Filing your case too soon or too late can be devastating to your ability to discharge debt. At S&B Law our attorneys will explain when the best time to file will be for your case. My business is going through tough financial periods. Do I have to file bankruptcy? No. Depending on the overall goal of the business, bankruptcy can be prevented while you remain in business or bankruptcy can be filed and you can keep your doors open, depending on your particular circumstances.

Maybe not. Depending on the situation, bankruptcy should not be the first option if your business may be able to keep its doors open. Speak to our attorneys about debt restructuring without bankruptcy. Debt restricting may be an alternative to bankruptcy where we can negotiate with your creditors while you attempt to regain the financial stability needed to continue with your debt obligations outside of bankruptcy.

These MCAs have become increasingly popular in the last few years, however, BEWARE. These MCAs may not even call themselves “lenders” and the contract verbiage is extremely one sided leaving you with very few options should you be unable to pay. Speak to our attorneys to find out options and create a plan of action to keep your business doors open and avoid the loss of your assets.

It depends. The business debt needs to be examined to determine whether you personally guaranteed any of the business debt and if so, what is the personal exposure.

It depends. If debt was personally guaranteed or is debt that is automatically imputed to the officers, yes.

Regardless of the type of bankruptcy you file, there are certain debts that cannot be eliminated in bankruptcy. Nonetheless, you may be able to obtain more time to pay this debt and prevent garnishments now.